Thursday, June 24, 2010

Snake ring

I had my last exam today (finally) and since sales have started here, I went to check out what Zara has..and I love the studded bag and the t-shirt. I'll probably go buy the bag one of these days :) All I bought today is  this cool snake ring :) Oh, and I took a quick photo of my outfit today, but you can't really see that sorry for the low quality of the photos, I was in a bit of a hurry :) 
Oh, and a few days ago I also bought these studded gladiator sandals, which I have been looking for for a really long time :)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo shoot

Ok, so as promised, here are the photos from Friday's photo shoot..these are the ones I edited in a hurry yesterday, and I'll post the ones that Andrej will edit when he gets around to it :)

Dress from Zara
Bracelet from New Yorker

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A day in nature

Hey guys!
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and my boyfriend Andrej and I decided to go to Bled, which is a mountanious part of Slovenia. We walked on this path which winds around mountains and above a beautiful river. Then we decided to go swimming and later, on the way home we had a little photoshoot in a field of wheat. I'll post the photos of that up later today or early tomorrow, so check them out :)

Shoes - Converse
Jeans from Lee
Top from Zara

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nude colors

Hey there! I've been checking out Gina Tricot's website, and it's got some nice pieces... Since this summer is all about nudes, these pants would be perfect for this season! Enjoy your day! xx

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!!

Hey! So sorry for the extreme lack of posts, I still have exams and am studying like crazy, plus, it's raining all the time, so it's hard to take good pictures. So instead, here are a few shoes that I fell in love with from Dinsko. Which ones are your favorites?
Have a great day! xx

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New nail polish

Speaking of Chanel's Nouvelle Vague..I got a really similar one from Maybelline Colorama...and I love it! :)

Chanel S/S 2010 Nail Polishes

Hey guys! So sorry for the lack of posts, I'm buried in books now studying for my exams...3 done, 2 to go :) But I promise I'll post a lot more as soon as this is over. I have a few new things from H&M to show you :)
For now, I'll let you enjoy these three beautiful nail colors from the Chanel S/S 2010 collection. My favorite is Nouvelle Vague.. (my favorites are actually shown here from left to right). Which one is your favorite?
Have a great day guys! :)


Monday, June 7, 2010

By Malene Birger

Hey guys! It's such a beautiful day, and I'm inside studying.. :( I just spotted this amazing Malene Birger collection and it really cheered me up! I can't wait to go outside and wear some of this stuff, or at least be inspired by it. The simplicity, the colors...and most of all, the fact that each and every piece is completely wearable! What do you think?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get the look for less

Remember my post about Triwa watches? Well, they cost about 80 - 100 euros, but now you can get an almost identical watch from Oasis for a little over 20 euros :)

Look of the day

Hey everyone!
Today is a cloudy rainy day and on top of that I have to study. The weather isn't really the most appropriate for photos, but I haven't posted an outfit for a while now, so I decided to do it anyway :) My exams start on Monday, so I'll be pretty busy, but I'll try to not fall behind on the blog :) Thanks to everyone reading, I'm new at this and any readers and support are greatly appreciated! xxTop from Zara
Skirt from H&M
Shoes from kmb
DIY necklace
Vintage bracelet
Glasses from Oxydo