Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fur + leather!

I just happened to find these boots on an online shop called Tamaris. I love the fur on them and the color, and in my opinion they are another must-have this fall! What do you think?

H&M competition

Hey! I've decided to enter the H&M competition to win an exclusive trailer of the upcoming Lanvin for H&M Fashion Show. I'm not actually hoping of winning, because there are so many bigger blogs out there, but I figured I'd do it anyways for the fun of it and to maybe get some new readers. So, Vote for my blog!! :P

H&M Vote for my blog

Autumn spirit

Hey there! Andrej and I took this photo a few days ago on a field near his house. It's starting to look like autumn, and this photo for me, represents autumn. The colors, the low sun, everything supposedly dying away,  but for me it represents a new season and with it, new beginnings. Have a great day!!

Sweater from Gina Tricot
Belt is vintage


Ok, when I saw Gina Tricot's fall collection, I went to check out their website, and found these skirts..I love all the patterns so much, I can't decide which is my favorite.. Pair this skirt up with a simple shirt and a blazer, and you've got yourself a great outfit!

Gina Tricot September 2010

I love Gina Tricot's fall collection...the colors,the materials, and just how relaxed the overall looks are. My favorite piece is the scarf in the last picture, and I also love all of the woolen tights. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More new photos!

Hey there! Here are a few more photos from the photo shoot  and also some new ones from a more recent  shoot :) We've quite gotten into the whole photo shooting thing, and I love it! But right now, the weather here is really bad, it's been raining the entire day and apparently will be till the end of the week, so I hope the next shoot will be soon! (and also some outfit posts:))
Have a nice day!! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday's photos

Hey there! Here are the first edited photos from yesterday's shoot with Andrej..what do you think?

New haircut!!

So, I finally got the courage to get my hair cut (not colored though, I'm still too scared to do that :)) But anyways, here is a preview picture of what it looks like, although this was taken shortly after I got it cut, and it looks better now.. Andrej and I had another photoshoot yesterday, and I think it went really well, but the photos are not edited yet, so I don't know for sure how they will turn out. I'll post them soon!