Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday's photos

Hey there! Here are the first edited photos from yesterday's shoot with Andrej..what do you think?


  1. They're cool! I love the location in the second one and the top one is sooo pretty.. and I know I already told you that on Facebook but I thought I'd be a stalker and say it again :P Also, I got bored and played around with curves on the top one (in Photoshop) and it looks even better with slight adjustments. But that's just my opinion! Really pretty overall though :)

  2. Looking really good girl. Just started following you.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! :o)
    Amazing photos, the kind your kids look back on and get blown away by because their mom was so stunning :oP

  4. wooow, zelo dobre slike :)) in moram rečt, da si prekrasna z novo frizuro! zelo ti paše!!