Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dress up

Every now and then I go through my closet and try on clothes and different combinations, just so I don't forget what I have in my closet. So, the last time I did this, I took a few pictures, sorry for the bad quality, but it was getting dark and this is the best i could do :) I love this Zara leather belt, it's so practical and can make any outfit great. Also, I found these leggings I bought the last time I was in Sweden and decided I have to start wearing them more often. Also, I bought new "torn up" pants yesterday, so I'll try to put up outfit pics with them soon!



  1. Lepa!* sploh ta druga slika, ful dobr WOW lasje!

  2. ja res, una tadruga je res krasna, tisti blazer je ful dober... :)) je pa vse skupaj lepo...
    in definitivno mislim, da bi mogla večkrat obleč te pajkice!!