Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall must-have!

I've had my eye on aviator jackets for quite a while, and it turns out they're gonna be a real hit this fall, so it's about time I get one! These ones are from Topshop, and are a bit too expensive for my budget, so I'll have to find a more affordable version.. Any ideas where? :)


  1. Ah yeah they're gorgeous! I'm actually on the lookout too!
    Maybe I'll just wait till I get to Asia and buy some knock offs :oP

  2. Well, in that case, make sure you buy one for me too :D
    I think they might get them in Zara though... :)

  3. They're at New Look! And you can order them!

    SWEET!! 40 pounds aka 450 kronor! Getting that as soon as I get to London :oD