Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hey guys! I've been fantasizing about bangs for quite a while now, but I always find some reason not to get them done, but this time I'm actually gonna do it. This week. Definately!! I'm thinking I want them to look kind of like this....
What do you think? :)

By the way, these are some of my favorite people on lookbook. I love not only their hair, but also their style.. If you want to see them on lookbook, here are the links :)

First two pictures
Third picture
Fourth picture


  1. do it! i love bangs.. and that girl in the first two pictures has fierce hair!

  2. I know, I love her hair..maybe after a while I might even decide to change mine into her color? :P I'm a bit too scared to do it just now :)

  3. I agree, the first girl's hair is awesome! <3 I like the second too, it may suit you really well, the colour and all... :))


  4. Definitely!! I think it would suit you! And I've always told you that dyeing your hair could look cool :o)

  5. I love bangs! The first girl's hair is my fav as well :)

  6. damn it, now I'm really tempted to dye it too :)