Thursday, August 19, 2010

H&M Divided Fall campaign ft. Abbey Lee Kershaw

How could anyone resist H&M's fall collection, when the campaign features Abbey Lee? I love the stripes, the patterns, the colors! So, yesterday I went into H&M just to browse around a bit, but of course, I had to notice the striped dress in one of the campaign photos and fell in love. I ended up not buying that one, but the same dress in black and in grey. It costs only 5 euros, so.. :) I also bought a patterned blazer, I'll show you all the clothes very soon, but for now, here's the campaign with Abbey Lee..


  1. Can I just mention how much I love what the men are wearing as well? Is it that first b&w striped dress that you got in black and gray? :)

  2. I agree with you :) And yes, it's that first dress that I got in black and gray :) I'll post pictures of it up soon :)